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DevOps is a collaborative way of developing and deploying software. It is a booming trend that brings business, development and operation teams together to accelerate service delivery and streamline IT by applying more automated processes. We have helped our clients deliver faster and have greater business agility by implementing SoluLab DevOps Services.

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Why Prefer DevOps as a Service??

Since a decade, building different mobile application and web application projects have changed with every new technology development and service innovation. With continuous evolution of technology, DevOps provides developers with the accessibility to multiple technology tools. It also helps them to rely on IT support and provide maintenance round the clock for any all operations. If service providers do not update their operations and processes, their software infrastructure is susceptible to vulnerable hacks or virus attacks. This ends up in the risk of losing customers. To be competitive, using DevOps help IT enterprises to stay agile and focus on mobile-first applications.

To be precise, core capabilities of DevOps are Collaboration, Automation, Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Monitoring

How DevOps Works?

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Our Devops as a Service

  • Build an infrastructure that can adapt and update with future innovation for better services
  • Choose the right market and deploy the application successfully for profitable revenue generation
  • Ensure that the application functions smoothly without any glitch and make sure it is easy to understand
  • Look for opportunities and train developers for devops to provide a competitive advantage
  • Manage environmental coding variables efficiently to ensure that the application learns from its surroundings
  • Create and configure features with customized preferences to provide better user/customer experience
  • Integrate different tools and codes to test the application efficiently and squash any bug that might hinder the performance
  • Constantly innovate with advanced technology tools to create attractive UI, speed up the development process
Accelerate product release cycle time

Why Should You Choose SoluLab for DevOps as a Service?

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Tools and Technologies We Use in Our DevOps as a Service


Tracks changes in the source code to ensure quality and speed


Automate machinic operations and reduce human errors in the development process


Customised testing tool to ensure all bugs are squashed before deployment


Infrastructure monitoring tool that presents analytics in visual reports


Helps with packaging code into self-contained units, i.e. containers


Code management tool that runs both on cloud and hardware servers

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Based on what I’ve seen from our beta tests, the site is quite stable.

Monica Dalvi, Project Manager, WissenX Technologies

They manifested our concepts and were quite responsive.

Julian Clarke, CEO, Versafit

They’re very agile and able to use the technology you need to solve the problem, not the other way around.

Spencer Thomason, CEO, Clean Router
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