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Python Django Web Application Development

Python is a general-purpose high-level computer programming language that has gained popularity over the years for its versatile role – from being able to support simple object-oriented programming to facilitating analytics and web development. Python programming and Python development services have gradually made their mark in the IT industry because of their effectiveness.

SoluLab happens to be the leading Python development company, as our team has successfully undertaken and delivered many Python projects with complete dedication and perfection. Not only have we delivered robust applications, but have also provided backend support to several websites with our Python development skills, making us the best Python development company.

We have vast experience in Python web development and delivering robust high-quality applications. Our expert coders have years of experience in working with object-oriented programming languages. This only makes it easy for them to execute each and every requirement of clients in a precise manner. We break down our program into modules and effectively reuse already developed codes thereby reducing efforts and time-to-market.

SoluLab has high experience in creating dynamic sites, custom web applications and desktop applications in Python. We have been into custom programming development for a long time and we are an authority in custom software development by following agile methods. With years of track record in Python of reliably wowing clients coming from different companies and geologies, SoluLab is the Python development company, you were looking for.

Django Basics

What is Django? At its core, Django is a high-level, MVC-style, open-source collection of libraries written in Python, and one of the most popular server-side web frameworks out there. Its motto is Don’t repeat yourself. Like Python, it emphasizes efficiency, allowing you to do as much as possible with as little coding as possible.

On top of that, Django is also fast, scalable, and mature, with a huge developer community and a robust set of built-in components. On the data side, Django can read or generate XML or JSON data instances and works out-of-the-box with relational database management systems like PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, and Oracle. When it comes time to deploy, Django is fully supported by the cloud platform Heroku and AWS Elastic Beanstalk.

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Some Key Features

What makes Django a heavy hitter among web developers? Its modularity is a major selling point. Django’s major features are all meant to be decoupled, allowing the developers to pick and choose which pieces of functionality are right for their project. The result is more streamlined code and improved performance.

Django also has a lot of transparency over competitors like Ruby on Rails, which runs more scripts behind the scenes. Django’s lack of “magic” means you can run a project-wide search and always find the code you’re looking for. It’s less opinionated and more declarative, which in the end will be a developer’s preference.

Here are a few of the major features that make it well suited to quickly developing web apps

  • With a simple command, Django automatically generates a Python API based on your models, no additional coding necessary.
  • The migrate command is an elegant and distinctive feature of Django that looks at all your models and automatically creates tables in your database for any that don’t exist already.
  • The idea here is that, rather than requiring you to build out an entire website before you can start populating it with information, Django makes it quick and easy to set up the admin site, which allows contributors to start populating the database while the developers figure out how to display that content.
  • Django also allows you to quickly and easily create RSS and Atom feeds by creating a simple Python class. These feeds can be simple (eg, a typical news feed of latest posts) or more specialized (eg, all posts in a given category or that feature a certain keyword).
  • This system lets you cut down on expensive calculations by caching dynamic pages. There are a few levels of granularity here: You can cache individual pages or just the most expensive views to produce.
  • Django’s templates are based on the inheritance system (similar to object-oriented programming). These templates allow Django to generate HTML dynamically while also eliminating redundancies.
  • Managing database workflow with Django’s migrations is simple and streamlined. Version control is managed through migration names, and Django has lots of options for merging versions or letting developers make modifications.

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Python is currently the most mainstream programming stages for making the best-working sites and applications. Here are a couple of advantages

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