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OTT App Development

OTT revenue is recording explosive growth to touch $158.84 billion
by 2024, more than doubling from 2018. We help you tap into this opportunity
by developing user-centric OTT apps aimed at higher engagement.

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What Do We Offer?

With OTT solutions, it matters who you build it with. It has to be fast, seamless and engaging for your users. Our video streaming apps are robust and scalable for OTT platforms and equipped with enhanced content delivery models.

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Our apps come packed with features that significantly improve user experience:

  • Live Streaming: Robust streaming network with CDN integration
  • Intuitive Interface for large touch screens
  • Voice Search
  • Reminders and Custom Notifications
  • Browse Catalogue and Suggestions
  • Family Account Management
  • Review and Ratings Management
  • IMDB API Integration
  • Close Captions: Localization and Support for non-English languages

We’ve Got You Covered

Our team of OTT developers have delivered over 20+ projects for organizations across the globe. From developing your OTT app idea to integrating and customizing your user’s panel – we work towards ensuring that the app is tailored towards higher customer engagement and retention.

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OTT App Projects

Synergy Fitness

Custom Fitness Training App


A fitness app with streaming features that connects certified trainers with trainees, has interesting features and doesn’t jeopardise privacy of the user.

We delivered

A highly valued and interactive OTT app with in-built charts and BMI calculators, that leveraged great UI/UX to create an immersive video streaming experience for its users.


react js tech

Outside TV

Broadcast Network Aimed at Providing a Netflix Experience


An award-winning broadcast network that served as a 24/7 channel was looking to enter into the subscription service using an OTT platform.

We delivered

An intuitive video streaming platform that addressed their OTT and mobile audience by simplifying content distribution, engagement and monetization.


go chain tech
react js tech
couch db


Online OTT Video Streaming in the Arabian Region


An OTT app that caters to allows access to content from across the globe, including Arabian filmmakers.

We delivered

Created an inclusive OTT app that allowed access to movies, TV series and children’s programs from Hollywood, Bollywood and Arabian media sources.


react js tech
couch db


Quadruple Play Service


An OTT app that specifically targeted smart TV users aimed at expanding their 1.1 million customer base.

We delivered

Ideated and developed an OTT app that delivered both world-class international content and personalised local content using our AI & ML capabilities.


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Technology Stack We Use to Build OTT Apps

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be involved in the process of building OTT apps?2020-10-15T12:33:56+00:00

Yes, we follow agile development processes wherein we keep you updated on every process and deliverable, so that there is transparency throughout the development phase.

Will the OTT app have social sharing and in-app purchase features?2020-10-15T12:33:08+00:00

Yes, these are features that we will be integrating into your OTT app.

What are the various benefits of hiring OTT app developers from you?2020-10-15T12:32:06+00:00

You will get numerous benefits such as first 15 days FREE service, money-back guarantee, on-demand resources, daily reporting, client satisfaction, cost-effectiveness, etc.

Will my OTT app be compatible with all types of devices?2020-10-15T12:31:14+00:00

Yes, this is an important feature that OTT apps should have and we enable that for you. Your apps will be compatible with devices supported by Android, Mac OS, Windows, iOS, smart TVs, and more.

Do you develop OTT apps with multilingual content?2020-10-15T12:30:24+00:00

Yes, we do provide multilingual features when developing the app. This will help you cater to a larger geographic audience.

What is the approx cost of developing an OTT app?2020-10-15T12:29:40+00:00

There’s no fixed cost of developing any particular OTT app. The costs would vary based on the features that need to be implemented and the overall UI/UX framework.

Can your developers work with my existing systems / tools/ CRM, etc?2020-10-10T04:25:55+00:00

Of course! our standard approach has always been to keep our end of services as open-ended as possible for our clients. We have had several clients who already owned an app or website and wanted us to upgrade our work with their existing tools, systems, and CRM.

Do you sign NDA?2020-04-03T05:57:17+00:00

Yes, you don’t have to worry as soon as you contact us. We follow a very strict NDA guideline so that your idea remains safe. Both parties will sign NDA, this will protect the assets and rights of both parties. To receive our NDA you can send us an email as [email protected]

How much data is required to develop an Machine Learning based solution2021-07-08T12:31:45+00:00

The entire successful machine learning model is data driven. Deep learning operations require about 1,500 data point units, including images, documents, and overview, for any machine learning based testing / validation.

I am not a computer geek, will I be able to work with your team?2020-02-27T13:30:01+00:00

Definitely, you can. We would be happy to fulfill all the technology gap between us.

Can I know your developers’ core strength and industry experience?2019-12-19T06:24:24+00:00

We have a pool of talented full-stack developers who have years of experience working on top-notch and emerging technologies

Does your Blockchain Development Company work according to my time-zone preference?2022-01-12T13:37:48+00:00

Yes, we work according to your timezone (PST/EST/CST/MST). We put constant efforts towards completing the project within the deadline.

How complete is my ownership?2019-12-19T06:26:41+00:00

You will have the absolute ownership of the whole project, which includes Intellectual property rights, copyright NDA, source code, etc.

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Our extensive pool of in-house OTT app developers are eager to push the envelope through innovation and creative ideas. Here are some of the other solutions we offer.

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