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Mobile Application Development Services to Expand Your Digital Realm

Our Mobile app developers build custom innovative solutions that are designed and delivered to your specific requirement. SoluLab expertise in working on user-centric mobile experiences that are engaging and responsive so you gain maximum business traction and your customers are served well.

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Best Mobile Application Development Solutions

We deliver an end-to-end complete solution for mobile app consulting, design, development, and testing so you focus more on your business and let us take care of the technical stuff

React Native App Development

We develop highly efficient and dynamic mobile applications that are flexible and agile. We take advantage of the cloud-based technologies to proficiently develop mobile applications at a reduced cost.

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Cross Platform App Development

Creating seamlessly integrated mobile features is our primary focus. We create exemplary user experiences that are simple but yet elegant ensuring credibility, desirability, usefulness, and value. We specialize in UI UX design, web-based and AI integrated development, and wearable apps.

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Flutter Application Development

We develop highly efficient and dynamic mobile applications that are flexible and agile using Flutter – Google’s own UI building framework that helps you save cost, time, and efforts all the while increasing efficiency.

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Progressive Web App Development

We create awesome web apps that are built while keeping in mind your customers and their needs so it becomes adaptable and deliver flawless performance across multiple platforms. Our developers will help you succeed with serving only the best results for your requirement and hence make it the best app development in the market.

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Wearables App Development

Our expertise in developing wearable applications is accompanied by dedication, knowledge, and the vision to explore the possible futuristic technology that will help everyone alike.

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OTT Apps Development

OTT revenue is growing exponentially more than ever and forecasted to touch $158.84 billion by 2024, more than double compared to 2018. We help you tap into this opportunity by developing user-centric OTT apps aimed at higher engagement and greater user success.

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How We Do It

We design and deliver user-centric experiences that are engaging, responsive and faster.

Mobile App Strategy

We develop highly efficient and dynamic mobile applications that are flexible and agile. We take advantage of the cloud-based technologies to proficiently develop mobile applications at a reduced cost.

User Experience Design

Creating seamlessly integrated mobile features is our primary focus. We create exemplary user experiences that are simple but yet elegant ensuring credibility, desirability, usefulness and value.

Mobile App Development

We leverage every traditional to next-gen technologies for improving user experience and accelerate your business outcomes. We take care of implementation to risk mitigation and budgeting of your project.


Test your mobile application against a range of real automated testing as well as tablets and phones. In addition to that, we provide remote access testing. Reduce risks by forecasting bugs and crashes in real-time.


Win SEO easily by fulfilling and building all necessary mobile app functionalities and requirements. Launch them in Playstore or App Store. Besides, we also provide complete installation and user guides.

Support and Maintenance

We are there for you. 24/7 our mobile app experts will be available to handle your queries and squash bugs. We follow periodic maintenance to ensure the smooth running of applications with excellent performance.

Our Work Speaks Volume!

Don’t just take our word for it, check these case studies.

Deals En Route

Deals-en-route enhances shopping experience for all types of enthusiasts.

Casting Workbook

The ultimate self-tape app that allows audition and cast hiring through mobile device.

Mod Thread

An app to unleash your inner designer & create top-notch, high quality styles.

AR in Healthcare

Our healthcare industry solutions based on augmented reality and 3D modelling.


Instaclass is a multi-language supported app that makes learning interactive and easy.


A personalized on-demand fitness app that allows you to coach others and get trained.

Client’s Testimonials

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We believe in providing guaranteed results, no matter how complex your project is. We practice what we preach and we deliver what we promise. SoluLab provides the first 15 days of services completely free. During this period, your team gets a chance to see SoluLab’s working style and communication strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I develop in iOS or Android?2020-10-10T04:22:13+00:00

With roughly 1.6 billion people around the world now using a smartphone, the mobile app market has never been more exciting or lucrative, with Android and iOS dominating the smartphone operating systems.
You will have to decide exactly which type of smartphone user you want to target first if you don’t want to build both at the same time.
As they are two very different mobile platforms that require two very different types of language (Android apps are predominantly done in Kotlin and Android Java, while iOS ones are mostly done in Objective C or Swift) and native UI / UX design.
For total market penetration, you eventually want to develop for both iOS and Android.

How much input do I have on the graphics and the overall presentation of the app?2018-02-16T14:01:39+00:00

SoluLab offers a graphics service and works closely with clients who choose this option to determine the color scheme, graphics, and even smaller details such as app icons. We use logos and other supplied branding to ensure the app is entirely branded for your organization or company.
For clients who have an in-house graphics department or prefer to use a 3rd party, we provide a detailed requirements document outlining specific file types and dimensions for every image in the app. Either way, the overall look of the app is left to the client and a SoluLab product specialist will be available throughout the entire process to provide any necessary feedback and direction.

Is there a standard cost to building a mobile app?2018-02-16T13:58:38+00:00

More than simply app developers, SoluLab strives to be a complete solutions provider with pricing tailor-made to individual needs and objectives. A quick conversation will enable our team to find the best possible solution, including the functionality and platforms required, any goals to monetize the app, and other factors determining the overall scope of the project. In turn, we can provide a highly customizable plan fitting almost any budget. Contact us to speak with an SoluLab representative and receive a quote fitting your exact needs.

How long will it take to build an app?2018-02-16T13:59:33+00:00

The SoluLab framework enables our development team to build high-quality apps in a short time frame without sacrificing quality. From receiving the content to making the app available in the AppStore and Google Play for users to download, the development timeline is a seamless process taking as little as one month. While mobile apps requiring a significant amount of content or custom programming may take additional time, a SoluLab specialist will be able to present a customized timeline for your specific project to ensure expectations are met and the finished product is available when needed.

What is the benefit of a mobile app over a mobile website?2018-02-16T14:00:52+00:00

SoluLab provides both mobile apps and mobile websites as a complete mobile app solutions provider. While a mobile website is important to ensure all attendees have access regardless of device, our focus on native apps for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices is a reflection of the significant benefits a mobile app offers over its mobile website counterpart. Mobile apps are more reliable and engaging, with the ability to access content offline and take advantage of features unavailable on a mobile website.

Can your developers work with my existing systems / tools/ CRM, etc?2020-10-10T04:25:55+00:00

Of course! our standard approach has always been to keep our end of services as open-ended as possible for our clients. We have had several clients who already owned an app or website and wanted us to upgrade our work with their existing tools, systems, and CRM.

Do you sign NDA?2020-04-03T05:57:17+00:00

Yes, you don’t have to worry as soon as you contact us. We follow a very strict NDA guideline so that your idea remains safe. Both parties will sign NDA, this will protect the assets and rights of both parties. To receive our NDA you can send us an email as [email protected]

How much data is required to develop an Machine Learning based solution2021-07-08T12:31:45+00:00

The entire successful machine learning model is data driven. Deep learning operations require about 1,500 data point units, including images, documents, and overview, for any machine learning based testing / validation.

I am not a computer geek, will I be able to work with your team?2020-02-27T13:30:01+00:00

Definitely, you can. We would be happy to fulfill all the technology gap between us.

Can I know your developers’ core strength and industry experience?2019-12-19T06:24:24+00:00

We have a pool of talented full-stack developers who have years of experience working on top-notch and emerging technologies

Does your Blockchain Development Company work according to my time-zone preference?2022-01-12T13:37:48+00:00

Yes, we work according to your timezone (PST/EST/CST/MST). We put constant efforts towards completing the project within the deadline.

How complete is my ownership?2019-12-19T06:26:41+00:00

You will have the absolute ownership of the whole project, which includes Intellectual property rights, copyright NDA, source code, etc.