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From: a source not reliable enough
brung by Dan Prowse

Early admissions deemed detrimental to the "disadvantaged":

READ THIS ARTICLE !!! Harvard Ends Early Admission, Citing Barrier to Disadvantaged - New York Times

    Now, if I could just get take Spanish for free, like my brown brothers can take English for free, that would make me happy.

"...Princeton might respond. Princeton has binding early admission, and Ms. Rapelye said there had been questions about whether early admissions limited diversity...."

    WHATEVER - Diversity is DEAD in England.  Try arguing "diversity" as an energizing concept in education at Oxford, they will laugh you all the way out the gates!


From: a source not reliable enough
brung by Dan Prowse

Lake Shore Campus, WTF?

That's right folks, I just don't get it.  Rumor upon rumor mixed with fact, fiction, and fanciful wishes.

Speaking of wishing wells......think about it........there.  Lobby.

First, let's talk teeth!  No one is more concerned on the Grayslake Campus than I about dental access!  Anyway, the amount of space that is being currently offered or is being made available for rent/lease/purchase to CLC for the Dental Hygiene Program is not enough.  The program is HUGE (actually bigger than those new comfortable lounge chairs).  They simply need more space IF they are to REALISTICALLY be moved permanently to the Lake Shore location.

OK, back to my point:   What MORON thinks that ALL of counseling and ALL of Student Life/Activities and ALL of other Student Services such as Nursing or Financial Aid is moving to the Lake Shore Campus?  I thought so, sir or maam, you can sit down and shut up now.  Yes, from a rather reliable (to me) source, they heard that this info was in fact the case, actually going to happen!

FACT:  The Grayslake campus Student Life & Activities & Counseling and Financial Aid AND other student services are NOT AT ALL moving into a Lake Shore location.  They are NOT MOVING AWAY from the Grayslake spaces - not at all.

FACT:  SOME services found at the Grayslake Campus that are abysmal at the Lakeshore location will be EXPANDED to what is ALREADY in place in both locations OUT TO INCLUDE more procured space and services at the Lake Shore Campus for these needed services.

IS THAT CLEAR ENOUGH, MORON(S) - and Christ I hope there is just one moron that has been spreading the stupidity!

WISH:  AFTER remodeling of the old B-court Geology and Electronics Labs are complete (and those have been put on hold for more than a year), some or all of counseling from the GRAYSLAKE campus will be (eventually) moving to the old Geology Lab-vacated space in the B-Court of the GRAYSLAKE campus, giving counseling 40% more space than they currently enjoy.  Then, some, most or all of the counseling-vacated space will next be occupied by the Student Activities component of Student Life, giving their area 30%-45% more space to enjoy as well as making room for the Expanded Student Life office.

That is all I have for you, though I do know more - it would just bore you.

These are the most current non-rumors going around the campuses as of today Friday, 9-1-2006 - anything else would folly.

So next time, keep it to yourself so I don't have to!


From: The first LAIR REPORT:
edited by Dan Prowse

Lancer's LAIR at the College of Lake County !

85% finished, but ready for enjoyment, the NEW CLC Student Lounge dubbed by local Lake County Knights as "Lancer's Lair" - THE place to be when you need a break from study or wait for your next class to start - with 3 pool tables, TVs blaring, computers internetting, lights BLAZING bright. REALLY bright so you won't get lost.  Lost?  Yes.  Because this Lair is

 H U G E !

    The comfy new soft chairs are also huge !

Check out the pix here


8pm is the official closing time for Lancers' new student lounge, the LAIR, Monday through Thursday and 4:30pm on Friday.  We found the Internet connection to the LAIR computers and any Wi-Fi connection to work GREAT, but the connection stops at exactly 10pm when we tested them.

The LAIR is completely sponsored by and under the control of the Office of Student Activities as well as the Office of Student Life, with major help from the CLC Campus Safety, Business Office and ITS department.

Each desktop computer is Wi-Fi connected, in other words, not through a cable connection. Each computer is equipped with many goodies that are not normally permitted in the LRC or the - finally - open times of the D-Lab, for example, such as many brands of IM, but a DVD-ROM and CD-Burner as well as Zip drives and front USB ports and mic/headphone jacks are included. We highly recommend that you bring headphones if you want to stream or any other audio.

A cellular phone device was installed to improve cellular coverage downstairs, and it works! Full bars!

All 3 Widescreen HDTVs are receiving one channel each of; ESPN, FuseTV, and CNN.



by Dan Prowse


You will NOT see any news in print nor on the CLC website about the NEWER DEADLINE now moved to September 13th, OR ELSE!  On the 6th, confidential sources reported that 800 students were dropped automatically at the older new deadline of September 6th.

I have personally interviewed at least 6 Adult Continuing Ed  students - of which I am also one, and when asked if they knew of the deadline to pay in full if your bill was less than 100.00, the general answer was (and I'll quote one here), "If they don't send me a bill, I won't be paying, I'll just stay in the class until the teacher realizes that I am not supposed to be there - but I am not going to say anything to the teacher.  The college should be informing their teachers if they need to be checking up on our enrolled status.  This is ridiculous, but I'm glad you asked, Dan. If the college can't inform me properly of a new deadline either through email or website or a plane flying a banner over my house, and the college can't manage to get me enrolled on time, then I have no problem of not paying without a bill sent to me."  His last comment referred to the ACE department possibly  taking too long to enter data into a system, but I explained to him that this one time there was an unforeseen extenuating circumstance causing the delay - although, in retrospect, there should be another signatory authority that can cover any absences in the future.  The delay took us right to the day before the September 6th deadline.






      The new deadline for paying your remaining balance on your tuition bill IF YOU HAVE NOT SIGNED WITH FACTS, has been SET IN STONE for September 6th.  YOU CAN STILL SIGN UP WITH FACTS.



1) CLC is delaying tonight’s scheduled drop to provide those students, you, who have not yet paid nor secured financial payment arrangements, with more time to meet your payment responsibilities or to secure financial aid.

2) THE Reason we are delaying the drop:  The college has tried hard to communicate with you about the new policy enforcing tuition due dates, but despite our sincere efforts, we’re finding that a number of students still are not aware of the consequences of not meeting their due dates.

For this reason, the drop for nonpayment will be delayed until early in the semester, after classes have started. This time frame has been selected to minimize disruption to students, faculty and the college as a whole.

3) The drop will still be conducted, however:  Although this delay gives you a little more time to meet your tuition responsibilities, it is important for you to know that your tuition responsibilities remain unchanged.  To keep your places in all of your classes, you must pay in full OR arrange a tuition payment plan OR obtain financial aid.  Student registration will be cancelled early in the semester if you do not take one of these mentioned steps.

4) The college conducted drops for non payment up until about five years ago. Since we are reinstating a policy that students are not familiar with, we are leaning - temporarily - to the side of giving students a little more time to meet their financial obligations.  In addition to taking this step, for the spring semester, we will conduct an assessment of how we can improve the implementation of the class drop process, examining issues such as the dates set for conducting the drops and what further communication is needed with you, the CLC student.




    Bla bla bla ....Welcome to Call2Recycle....go for it, dudes!  And look what finally happened to ROCKETBOOM!  (She's pretty, and British, but just another sucker-fall-girl for the idiot the runs it!).  Oops, sorry, here's the real ROCKETBOOM version 2.0 (How grotesquely "cute", yuck!).

Well, at least ROCKETBOOM's streaming is waaaay faster than Google Video stream buffering has been lately!

Today's silly title (born from the news):  "Crazy Cindy's Deli"



    Well, it sure looks like Pitt needs Redford and Jolie needs to change into her superhero outfit - because this picture says it all!  (Hey, seize him!  He's got another camera!  Of course, we all hope that Angelina fits into her superhero costume better than that dress, NOT !)



Ask yourself if you would want the internet to be more like cable TV is today - including its ludicrous pricing models - and have o pay a tax on emails if you use AOL browsing to access the internet?  Read on at DEAR AOL DOT COM  (this is the site that AOL blocks all emails to, of emails that contain a link to !)


    NOT MUCH SUBMITTED: 6-1-2006

I'm a SubGenius, too ya moron! barely by Dan Prowse

Read the back-story first, you geniuses! 

"Thursday, June 1, 2006

Update on SubGenius child custody case

Here's an update to the story about the crazy judge who took a performance artist's kid away from her because she participated in a SubGenius celebration. He was especially offended by the fact that she wore a paper Mache goat head in the performance.

Modemac of The High Weirdness Project says:

Picture 5-9 Since Rachel Bevilacqua's last appearance in court, both sides of the custody battle for her son have been preparing for the next -- and hopefully last -- court date, which is scheduled for June 12th. Meanwhile, the Cleveland Free Times has published an excellent article providing a summary of the case, and a look at where the parties stand at this time.

Link | Previous Boing Boing coverage here

posted by Mark Frauenfelder at 04:42:13 PM permalink | blogs' comments "

Page two!

Did ya click on the High Weirdness' Project link?  DO IT ! COME ON, DO IT !


   NOT MUCH SUBMITTED: 4-28-2006

Crusin' for a Bruisin' ? barely by Dan Prowse

Aw, screw it.  I can't write as good as this guy so just click on this idiot's picture (known to us Humans as "Uncle Tom").  Now before you accuse me of "playing the race card", just read the article first, browse through this genius' website, and then tell me if I am "wrong".

Shred this mutha out!  Pee the Funk!

Tom Cruise and his new religion Scientomogy  No friend to Napoleon Dynamite, that's for sure.  God!

Someone really needs to hold a Tomervention!

    SUBMITTED: 4-14-2006

Dreams, Nightmares, and Priorities by Dan Prowse

    Remember the resource hog Altiris? Now, we'll have Everdream?  OK, granted, keeping track of data equipment (computers) is a problem, as well as software licensing.  But, there ain't that much crap to keep of in every department, and the personal touch (going around the building instead of sittin' in an office all damn day) goes a long way to foster "compliance" - anything else is aching for a hack.   In the IT world it's called ASSet Management. So, this link is from 2002 when Everdream was starting out: , try  EVERNIGHTMARE !  or  EVERDREAM , a more up-to-date "article".....Don't worry, folks, the clcradio staff is not going to let any software client get in the way of our progress or improvements - even if we have to uninstall the crap ourselves, and probably get yelled at for it!  We are  willing to opt for a Belarc weekly or monthly report that WE generate ourselves, but that's pretty much about all we are willing to allow.  Otherwise, stay the hell out of our area (and computers, remotely, unless we ask you, or unless we have some technical or hardware issue, then just get yer ass in gear and get it fixed instead of makin' me wait for 4 weeks.  That won't happen again.  Come to think of it, that kind of slow response hasn't happened again!  GOOD JOB!)

    In all seriousness, though, there just isn't that much to worry about, really, especially if you are used to or have a legitimate need to install proprietary or personal software (in your department's eyes of course - we can't go having IT people decide what software will best fit our day-to-day needs in "audio land", no can we).  For instance, at clcradio we have needs of audio editing and streaming to keep in mind.  LIVE streaming.  Altiris ate RAM and was constantly "sending out packets [of data]" which is HORRIBLE in a digital audio or video editing/streaming environment.  Horrible and NOTICEABLE.  A word of warning here, though:  You do not want to get into the practice of installing Professional "money making" (for moonlighting purposes) software as that may actually violate a teaching contract.  You will want to install software that actually has something - if not a lot - to do with your job or area of concern/expertise.  And don't forget and always remember: Educational Pricing has served me well!  Take ADVANTAGE of Educational Pricing.  Whenever possible.  However, NEVER use a 501c's Tax Exempt status for yourself - you would be violating much more than just your contract.  Always pay sales taxes, BUT you CAN and always SHOULD use the software purchased for professional development and individual project work at your job when figuring your Income Tax deductions every year. Consult your accountant for relevancy.  Every single piece of personal software that I have installed here at work has been tax deductible.

    STAKEHOLDERS: Yes, some of the software we use is free, some is our own installed, and some is purchased through regular channels if I.T. is WILLING TO SUPPORT IT.  On the other hand, we have no illusions that any software we have installed that is our own will NOT be supported by IT staff, and that is just fine with us (we have to read the manuals and know what we are doing).  I have been assured that no one will ask us for any of our software to be removed, although suggestions may come up from time to time if it is deemed that some softwares are actually interfering with the operation of our workstations (locally - network ops are a completely different matter), and in those cases, the suggestions will be of course taken under advisement and are probably going to be well reasoned and quite possibly insightful.

    Then again, it's usually just a virus or some crap we visited on the web that slows our workstations down.  Did I say Ebaum's world? (Note: I didn't even create a hyperlink to Ebaum's world; shame on me)

    A word about SCREEN SCRAPING:  Yes, if you INVITE the Help Desk to view or operate your computer, casual viewing WITHOUT your knowledge is easily thwarted: Just use an  anonymizer program.  I do.  It just works.  You can even use the Everdream software client against such nonsense!  In other words, they can't eavesdrop on your browsing - unless you want that, and that can be fun!

    Well, look at the future this way: At least Everdream drop-kicked ***   Outsourcing their call-center last year!  Since then, they actually use their own customer support software to handle their customer's support calls!  That is like a web designer designing and supporting their own website - in other words, that's a good thing!  Yet another take on the OutSource...  But, are they still insisting their customers get HP computers?

    Beside, before we become one of Everdream's customers, this whole idea still has to be presented to the board, then read twice, then voted for or against.  It might not happen.  I mean how many times do you care if the internet access and IP phones at your job just goes down for 2 or 3 hours once or twice a week?  That's a Nightmare I don't Ever want to see happen again.  I Dream of Priorities.  Maybe the priorities are the Dreams we should be Ever vigilante of?

    Priorities, ladies and gents, priorities.

*** If only our web hoster, Purehost, would do that.  After all, Engel came from that kind of business, you would think after 3 years he could convince the parent and holding company to go that route.  Not yet, anyway.



THIS JUST IN:  The latest closet news from SP:

Chef leaves before creation!

             taste Chef's ride:

Just a taste, check it better........................

Better click here to see them in action...


Rube Goldberg Logo


the Biz   (back to top)

SUBMITTED:  12-26-2006 by Prowse

Welcome to the new fight club:


WalMart: The High Cost of Low Price

SUBMITTED:  6-7-2006 by Prowse

When construction meant something:

photo from:

Cisco - College of Lake County Greyslake, IL  (spelling left intact from its original location!)

OK, so it's not great news!


AND what do I think?

    by Dan Prowse


A word about budgeting.

        Some people call it juggling, some call it "funny accounting", but what ever you call it, it is legal and done all the time in Non-Profit Land.

        If you have, say, one area of concern - a perceived non-producer, or mini-producer and need to beef it up by utilizing monies from areas of little concern or better revenue producers, all you need do is move monies from a general fund to those larger concerns, thus allowing the lower producer to charge a nominal fee set to the other inter-departments for usage or as rental.  Generally, because of liability insurance reasons, the non-profit general fund handles internal space rental in almost all non-profits, whereas usage often concerns personnel costs and outside costs (these can range from rental fees to out-sourcing staff to leasing on- or off-premise storage trailers). 

        Finally, to be fair, discounts proferred to "inside customers" will reveal monies ordinarily requested by the lesser concern now becoming obsolete and can now be deducted from their bottom line, since they would no longer be producing solely based on outside customer needs where a higher price is generally charged, they would now be concerned with more inside customer needs.

        Now, the bigger problem becomes that of "bumping".  If, all of a sudden - but within the framework of a deadline sign-up system - you have a larger outside customer potentially wanting 4 days of space and personnel and one of those 4 days you already have an important event for an inside customer scheduled months in advance that annually guarantees a full showing or "full house", as they say in show biz,  what do you do?

        Ethically, you explain the situation to the larger potential, suggest other dates, space, or even a competing "nearby" institution (remember, they might return the favor) - but you never cancel your inside engagement.

        My opinion.

Monday's News (from 3-20-2006)

    by Dan Prowse

    On this passed Monday at a Club Staff & Club & Organization Advisor SGA invitational set up "...through Felicia Ganther...", DR. Richard Fonte was served with a mini-barrage (but, in a non-combative manner) of questions solicited by him, after some brief opening remarks by him.

    Brief summary of remarks (some opening, some interjected):

        The Lair, being a "...student use lounge...".  Apparently the CLC Specialist concerns of another lounge for them has been settled?

        More focus on International Students

        Mentioned with some strength that not all programs need be located or housed at the Grayslake Campus, using the Dental program as a good example.  Not clear, not asked and not offered, whether or not some clubs/organizations also being treated.  Probably not, though.  By programs I think we all agree that to mean "academic programs", those supported by tuition and not Student Activities'' fees collected.

        A "survey just" out (later delivered to CLC employees that day) to also be now given to students to take.  The survey is about how best to reorganize a Division within the College.  There was some faculty concern (sent out ONLY to faculty and staff emails), that was handled through an ALL-DISTRIBUTION response directly from Dr. Fonte via email for EVERYONE to see.  Smart move.

        Clubs & Organizations fare against other Colleges Dr. Fonte has observed, we "..wrote the book [Student Life Programs] should be done...".  WOW!  Also stressed his belief of high importance of Student Life and goals for keeping it going.  A FAR CRY from previous rumors and rantings of some faculty!

        Mentioned he is in "Listening Mode" for now, and has been at CLC for 6 weeks.

    Questions posed:

        Student Email system:

            One consideration Dr. Fonte mentioned was the possibility of discontinuing the student email system (if it continues to be underutilized) -  will not be possible due to current Federal Guidelines regarding FERPA law.

    Regarding email utility, one way would be to force use by introducing a confirmation of schedule Q&A, where the student would sign up in person or on-line, then would have to verify their schedule request within X-amount of days using ONLY their student email account.  If it works, then those students are completed.  If not, then we will know what challenges exist and gain some insight on fixing the email system.

                One student commented on the complexity of so many email accounts (work, school, personal, MySpace, ICQ, IM, etc.).  This should become a non-issue with the implementation of the CLC Web Portal.  Also, there are seminars and non-credit classes available at CLC regarding coping skills for the informationally challenged.

        Parking concerns:

            1.    Lighting?

            2.    Emergency Call Box amounts and locations?

            3.    Security Camera amounts and locations?

            4.    Escorts to vehicles, especially at night

                Most of intelligent rebuttal of lighting issues actually came from SGA President, Cris Nolan, citing FUPC meeting of some months ago requesting more lighting as was installed (budget was not set up for this, money was "moved" around to accommodate some new lighting with a plan to request more in the FY07 budget).  Although Campus Safety dept does offer escort, it was my opinion that not many in the room new of this benefit.

        New Student Services Building Proposal:

            Denied, as proposed at $40,000,000, "...not in my".  No one asked, "What about a building proposed at 20 million or 15 million?".  This question seemed obvious to me, and yet I sat silent!

        Junior College Dormitories?

            Brought to our attention.  "Illinois law currently prohibits".  True, but there was a pending House Bill, introduced in Feb 2003,

HB 2279 -- Community College Dormitories (Leitch)
Amends the Public Community College Act to allow a community college board to provide or contract for residential housing for students and employees.

But, as of May 2003, the same site has:


HB 2279 -- Community College Dormitories (Leitch)
Amends the Public Community College Act to allow a community college board to provide or contract for residential housing for students and employees. HB 2279 has been held in the Senate Rules Committee.

Bill Status of HB0414  95th General Assembly

House Sponsors
Rep. Aaron Schock - Keith P. Sommer - Shane Cultra - David R. Leitch - Michael K. Smith, Roger L. Eddy, Mary E. Flowers, Deborah L. Graham and Esther Golar

Senate Sponsors
(Sen. Mike Jacobs - A. J. Wilhelmi - David Koehler and Dale E. Risinger)

House Amendment No. 1
Deletes everything after the enacting clause. Reinserts the contents of the bill as introduced with the following changes. Provides that the board of trustees of any community college district that encompasses, in whole or in part, 8 or more counties may provide or contract for residential housing for students and employees of the community college district, provided that local property tax revenue is not used (instead of providing that a board of trustees may provide or contract for residential housing for students and employees of the college). Makes a related change to the definition of "facilities". Effective immediately.

This is explained on

        However, in CLC's defense, there are many "liability issues" concerning such a proposal.

        HB 4995 is the newest number (submitted by Shock, Peoria  and Block of Danville CC area), however as the bill once again is held up in the Senate Rules Committee, ICCTA feels the bill probably won't pass, and after elections, will have to be re-introduced so as to get it back up the ladder.

Bill Status of HB4995  94th General Assembly


House Sponsors
Rep. Aaron Schock - William B. Black

Last Action
Date Chamber  Action
  1/23/2006 House Referred to Rules Committee

Statutes Amended In Order of Appearance

  110 ILCS 805/3-31.1 from Ch. 122, par. 103-31.1
  110 ILCS 805/5-2 * from Ch. 122, par. 105-2

Synopsis As Introduced
Amends the Public Community College Act. Allows a board of trustees to provide or contract for residential housing for students and employees. In the Article concerning building programs, removes dormitories from the definition of "facilities". Effective immediately.


Date Chamber  Action
  1/23/2006 House Filed with the Clerk by Rep. Aaron Schock
  1/23/2006 House First Reading
  1/23/2006 House Referred to Rules Committee
  2/14/2006 House Added Chief Co-Sponsor Rep. William B. Black






















* The end wording of this section is intriguing from an Athletic point of view.  Does this mean CLC can charge or cannot charge admission to their sporting events?

Interestingly enough, Danville community college and Illinois Central Community Colleges currently have dorms adjacent to their properties, but they are owned and operated by their respective Foundations (well, Danville for sure).  They have a foundation, as CLC does, that are separate 501c non-profit corporations paying rent to the Colleges for office space and ancillary services.  It is those foundations that actually own and Manage the properties that are intended as dorms.  The bills were re-introduced for this last 2 years by reps within the counties of those two institutions so as to put or at least share the burden upon the colleges themselves. 

Apparently, this is something that at least those two colleges would prefer?

THE SPORTS BENEATH    01/14/2008   (back to top)

SUBMISSION under Dan Prowse, Jr., on 9-7-2006

Curtis Gentry isn't...

In a surprise move today, someone at CLC - an employee - sent an all distribution email around campus.  The email wasn't.  What I mean by that is:  the email was an advertisement for a radio show NOT SPONSORED BY CLC and NOT appropriate for "All Distribution";  just about a guy who wants to have a show on an "FM" station - how passé, and LP at that.  OK, I realize I am stirring controversy - BUT THAT'S WHAT SPORTS CASTING IS ALL ABOUT, PEOPLE,


    I am willing to take some blame in Curtis' move to "terrestrial" radio, in that I have to stop always pointing to the website as a Holy Grail, much like if in an interview, we would always be pointing to our resume to answer instead of just answering the questions posed; or posing the question: "Mr. Gentry, sir, I am the GM of CLC Radio, CLC's own student-run radio station heard throughout the World and Space on, and we were wondering if you would love to have us produce your own radio show?", handshake, handshake, props all around.

But, I didn't do that.  I did that with Shawn Chism 2 years ago, he declined, maybe more like fizzled out - and look where he is now:  Owning and Managing the Lake County "Lakers".  Boy, wouldn't that be a feather in an LP owner's cap - if he could get the bid to broadcast the LCL, instead of that real radio station called WKRS!  Yah, like that!

Dammit.  We are still going to be excited about taking the Lancer Basketball play by play Live Home AND AWAY, on location, with Kent Korth as your willing play-by-play host - the Voice of CLC Lancer Sports Radio!


From the Smoking Gun...

Juuust A Bit Out There - June 2, 2006  (Comedy Sports)

Dosing The Dew - June 2, 2006  (Theatre Sport)


FINAL SCORE of the 3rd/4th placing game:

3-25-2006  7:32pm      CLC Lancers    92        3rd place in NJCAA 2006 Tourney

                                  Phoenix Bears  83        4th place in NJCAA 2006 Tourney

LeChawn Anderson "Pride. Pride in our defense [is what made us win], we wanted it...".

Chad Good "Character above all." .  And, as far as Chad Good knows, CLC Men's Lancers' Basketball Team is the first [physical] sports team of CLC ever to place Nationally.

The Game Files:

Friday, March 24, 2006


CLC Lancers vs Cecil file 1 of 3
Pregame Show Starts 2:30 with CLC Wind Ensemble
GAME starts at 2533 into the file

MP3 File

CLC Lancers vs Cecil file 2 of 3
Game Middle File - with Halftime show band

MP3 File


CLC Lancers vs Cecil file 3 of 3
Game Ends at 4:03
Post Game Show Ends at 14:00

MP3 File

Saturday, March 25, 2006


CLC Lancers vs Phoenix file 1 of 3
Pre-Game Show Ends /
Rubin Interview Starts At 10:00

Then a long hilarious Pre-Game show and Dan has a PANIC ATTACK
Game Go Time 25:00 into the file

MP3 File

CLC Lancers vs Phoenix file 2 of 3

MP3 File
CLC Lancers vs Phoenix file 3 of 3
Post Game Show Ends at 32:00

MP3 File

3-25-2006 5:45pm

    Kent Korth received and gave confirmation that the Coach Bus scheduled from CLC to Danville was CANCELLED.  I thought something was a little hinky when I saw the Bus pull away at 12:50 instead of waiting until 1:00pm.

        What this could mean for the future of Coach Bus rentals might be: The Ori family will not be allowed to sign up!  And Yvonne, shame on you.




            CLC, last knight, valiantly gave Cecil (Rated US #1 going into the Tourney) something to think about for next season, as the Lancers will no doubt be back to fight for first place again in '07.  Now, 3rd place waits for the Lancers who will be fighting the 4th place contenders - the Loser of the Phoenix vs Kirkwood game underway tonight 8:30pm.


            Kirkwood beat the Phoenix.  I HOPE KIRKWOOD KICKS CECIL DOWN TO BEENIE SIZE!!!

            Let's forget the tutor of Achilles:

            Now all that is left is for the Lancers to turn the Phoenix back into its ashes!


Grayslake Campus:

    The CLC Lancers' "Sport of the Mind" (aka, College Bowl) also known as

Lancers' Spirit of the Mind

    Have WON today's Regional College Bowl against McHenry CC and will be headed, in April, to the College Bowl State Finals in Peoria, IL.


Danville, IL.

Yesterday, Cecil beat Lansing, 95 - 73  &  Lancers trumped Penn, 82 - 76.  Tonight 6:30pm, the Lancers will jump all over Cecil because Lansing was just too tired. 

Tomorrow the Lancers will turn either Kirkwood into sawdust OR Phoenix into ashes - exactly where a Phoenix belongs!

No matter what happens tonight, there may be a very special announcement involving tomorrow's games, so stay tuned to for all the details...

Those details are IN NOW:

    From the desktop of F. Ganther:


CLC’s Men's Basketball Team is making history!!! We are in the final four!!

A Fan Bus will be leaving on tomorrow (SATURDAY) for the National Championship 3rd place seat (as the Lancers' natural enemy, the Phoenix will be hoping for mercy at the 4th place spot) !!

All students, faculty and staff may go on the bus free of charge…and Student Activities will pay for your ticket to attend the game!

The bus will board at 12:00 p.m. and leave at 1:00 p.m. SHARP!


All riders must sign up in advance! Please call 543-2280 or stop by the Student Activities office to get on the list!

We have 37 of 50 spots available -

NOW THAT THE DEADLINE OF 4:30pm has OFFICIALLY closed for the Bus, if you call the office and leave a message no later than 11:00am, you can still get on.  IF YOU CALL LATER AFTER 11am, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE A SEAT ON THE BUS FOR YOU.



Danville, IL.:

Let's forget about dorms in Junior Colleges for a while, shall we, and let us concentrate on winning this one for the gipper!  Hell, let's win all 3 games!

Wednesday 3:00pm using a remote video back-end feed for PxP and Color from Anthony Roll covering The CLC Lancers vs Penn Valley CC. 

Kent Korth will be the Play-by-play announcer for the Friday Evening 6:30pm CLC Lancers vs The-Next-Loser.

Saturday's game coverage has not been finalized.

And as WDAN's engineering department was picking our brains on how to properly stream games on the net, we don't doubt they are going to want a copy of Kent's amazing coverage for later broadcasts on WDAN, Danville, IL.

the Computers, Techno, Bugs & Virii   (back to top)


        by Prowse-----

DL.TV tells of gadgets that are beyond gadget status.


    The HP Blackbird






        by Prowse-----


Ok, now for a does of reality:  Who wants to pay more for tuition via a larger technology fee? A:  Go ATTEND STUDENT SENATE MEETINGS if you want to voice your opinions.

Q:  How many Pert-time Faculty want to be in the union? 

    A:  Too late, your in!

And, finally, here is a link to the meaning of LDAP   (you will be hearing a lot about it by end of 2007!)

            What is LDAP ?

And as long as we are thinking about Server2003, let's take a look at what - obviously - collegis should have suggested CLC do for their "paperless" initiative, is look at SharePoint! 

            What's New in SharePoint Portal Server 2003

Place your bets!



    GRC  Gibson Research Corporation Home Page -

Official Microsoft VML Vulnerability
Patch Is Now Available

Windows Update is now carrying
Microsoft's official VML patch.

You should run Windows Update to obtain the patch, reboot your machine as Windows Update will require, then re-register the VGX.DLL file if you had previously unregistered it, since Windows Update does not automatically re-register the previously vulnerable DLL file. (See instructions for re-registering the previously vulnerable DLL here.)

    Dammit!  Here is the link!  (for Windows2000 SP4, back up one page to choose XP or Server2003)



    Old, but important:

    1080i vs. 1080p HDTV should you care - Fully Equipped - CNET reviews



        Hey, Microsoft, whaaaat are you doin?

        Why in Hell cannot Microsoft engineers get this crap right?  They have done this 4 times in the last 2 years in major way.  This last goof isn't horribly bad, but it is stupid.  Basically, according to all those that research this stuff, Microsoft released a cumulative patch a couple of weeks ago, but they have found that one of the 12 individual patches is broken - it can cause IE to crash.  This crash has been officially recognized to be a vulnerability.  Microsoft says they will soon release a patch for this patch today or Sunday at the latest.

    The Product Consumer Safety Commission isn't!

        You got that right!  Lately the head spokeswoman, a moron, of said commission has publicly announced on many radio & TV shows and news spots that the Dell Battery Recall, "...has been contained".  By whom?  Dell?  No (see related story below).  Sony?  Nope, it will take at least 3 more weeks to work out the problem and satisfy Dell. 

         What a National Village Idiot and Embarrassment!  Someone fire her now.  The Consumer Safety website itself says nothing of the kind that she has been saying and quoted as saying!



    Dell Battery Return Program

        It's official now, as of 2am CST today, Dell set up this newer website specifically targeting this new threat.  When Dell says on their website(s) don't use something, then DO NO USE IT.   Plain and simple.  Take the battery out of the laptop and use the laptop on AC adaptor power ONLY.  But that is not all:  If I were you - more importantly, if you were me - you would be checking the serial number on the Adaptor/Charger as well as the batteries as it also may be under a DIFFERENT RECALL PROGRAM regarding adaptor/chargers sold from around the Same Time Frame is these Sony batteries were used in OEM.  As the website indicates and makes very clear, the batteries affected by this recall include batteries that were shipped as extras or replacements as part of [another] repair(s) or recall!

Check on it. DO IT!  DO IT!



    Dell to recall 4 million batteries   This story first came to my attention through watchful eyes.



    Aw, Hell, they just do this tech reporting better than us.....DigitalLifeTV Watch

        Of course, I will comment later, but for now you can learn about the privatization of the "Internet", yipes.



MPAA BitTorrent Deal Bram Cohen covers ass - Cinematical


SUBMITTED: 7-2-2006

 Apple Anti-trust suits?  This actually started back in November, 2005 - and with not much in the "real" news about it...

Infinite Loop Antitrust case approved against Apple


SUBMITTED: 5-15-2006

    Should we really let them in?  It has been said that the devil can only enter if you invite him.  On this premise, should we allow Everdream (potentially my own personal lil' deviL) into our Computer Camp?  Well, yes, go ahead - the worst that can happen if you don't is getting an email or two from IT, then a verbal warning from your supervisor; OK, I guess it could be worse!  But, keep in mind, even though you will click ALLOW to the request of your Microsoft Anti-Spyware client - if you even have it installed (and if you have updated to the newer Microsoft Defender beta, it won't even ask you if you want to ALLOW or BLOCK - ask me why!), Microsoft Antispyware, Defender, Norton Security, or a personal firewall will ALWAYS let you know if the new Everdream you have let in is being active at any time.  Well, I suppose that is some consolation.

    But heed this:  I will be ever vigilant in exposing ANY and ALL weaknesses I deem dangerous to your personal privacy.  Why?  Because, as yet, and I doubt seriously this policy will ever change in an open collegial environment, we all are allowed to install personal software on our computers (assigned to us), we need to keep in mind that no support will be given us if our computers should fail - for any reason - especially if the personal software we use is causing our own problems; consider that it could be bad enough we still use Microsoft operating systems on most of our desktops!


SUBMITTED: 5-12-2006

    SpyFalcon, a nightmare re-branded


SUBMITTED: 4-5-2006

Pain-free annual budgeting

Day-long, painful, annual budget meetings can be a thing of the past. Cast aside the 'set in stone' budget for a 'rolling forecast,' which allows you to change your budget as business needs evolve and new opportunities arise.

Host: Doug Llewellyn, AVP, B2B, CNET Networks
Length: 00:03:38

The video


SUBMITTED: 4-1-2006

        REDMOND, Wash., April 1, 2006 —Today Microsoft Corp. announced a new name for its next-generation Windows® client operating system, formerly named “Vista," to "Windows XP Service Pack 3."

SUBMITTED: 3-29-2006


Exploits Circulating for Internet Explorer Unpatched Vulnerability

eEye Digital Security is advising customers to the existence of exploit code that targets a critical security vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer. The exploit pertains to an unpatched vulnerability that has been released on various public mailing lists.

Microsoft has released a security alert on this issue that can be found here:

This issue affects any Windows operating system running Internet Explorer versions 5.01 SP4 through 6.0 SP2. The vulnerability results from the method in which Internet Explorer handles HTML Objects. This flaw allows for remote code to be executed on the target system. If successfully exploited, an attacker will only have the rights of the currently logged on user. System Administrators should be careful to not use Administrator accounts for general system use.

Currently, there have been numerous reports of this vulnerability being used on various websites in attempts to install Spyware and remote control "bot" software for use in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

The recommended action required to protect systems against this attack is to disable Active Scripting from within Internet Explorer.

Following are the steps required to disable Active Scripting:
To disable Active Scripting within Internet Explorer locally, users should refer to the Microsoft Support Bulletin:

AND what do I think?

    by Dan Prowse

        If you really enjoy clicking "OK" 5 times every time you change page views within hotmail, then you will want to follow the above instructions to the letter.

Or, get Mozilla or Firefox or Opera for an alternative internet browser, as those 3 will allow you to control specific per-website behaviour regarding scripting.  Leave your IE scripting alone (leave Allow to be picked, not Prompt or Disallow) and just use IE for Windows Update, Microsoft Update, Office Update, or hotmail - or pretty much anything "Microsoft-ish".

SUBMITTED: 3-28-2006


A load of C.R.A.P.

ZDNet Executive Editor David Berlind suggests that CRAP or Content, Restriction, Annulment, and Protection, is a catchier phrase than DRM - Digital Rights Management. Why does he think this technology is crap? Once you've bought music or other content to play on one device, it won't play on any other device because of the proprietary layer of CRAP.

Host: David Berlind, executive editor, ZDNet
Length: 00:03:00

Rights-based DRM

The Digital Rights Management dilemma has become a headache for both the publishers and consumers of online music and video, and mobile content. Kevin Collins of Navio Systems introduces a new and simpler service-based approach to DRM that allows publishers to distribute rights to consumers.

Host: Kevin Collins, VP Engineering, Navio Systems
Length: 00:03:39

Thwarting insider threats

Companies often put their security muscle into preventing attacks from the outside. Hugh Njemanze of ArcSight explains why insider threats are just as dangerous and how there are simple and effective methods to stop them and keep your business safe.

Host: Hugh Njemanze, CTO and co-founder, ArcSight
Length: 00:03:29

Laws of identity

Bob Artner of TechRepublic drills down on the seven laws of identity. Microsoft's chief identity architect Kim Cameron has proposed the laws as a way to think about authentication, security, digital identity and digital rights.

Host: Bob Artner, VP, TechRepublic
Length: 00:04:40

The next Sober virus attack

CNET Senior Editor Robert Vamosi explains how and when the Sober virus is expected to strike again and what you can do to protect yourself against this mass-mailing worm.

Host: Robert Vamosi, senior editor, CNET
Length: 00:02:26

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the Politic


    Recently, I was directed to an Op-Ed piece regarding, "the Chronicle must go 'through CLC PR' when desiring to interview faculty, admins, or staff of CLC' ".  Fine, that's the Chronicle.  And, it was an innacurate accounting of the article.  OK, I have read the article.  I believe that having to go "through PR" to schedule an interview with a CLC administrator is an insult to all CLC administrators.  Over my many years attending here as a student and for the last 12 years here as an employee, I must say that every administrator here at CLC has had the gift of gab intact and has rarely - if ever - misspoke to the press.

Guess what.  Here, on this page, we have no such boundaries.  Too bad, so sad.  I am not being sarcastic here, I am merely exercising my freedom of press rights.  How, you say?  Didn't a Community College recently get fluffed in court for such problems with their newspaper?

Yes, they did.  And, the students lost their case.  But, they will win their next case for their press rights.  Anyway, those rights and that court decision does NOT COVER WEBSITES OR BLOGS, the freedom of the press does.

Oops.  And, if any administrator wants to come forward now, and talk, over coffee?  I welcome it - just don't tell PR.  Oops, I just spilled my coffee, laughing HARD.



"Death of Bush" Movie Prompting Outrage




the Music, mostly

THIS MUCH: 3-7-2007

    So what's the deal with Buddy Guy's Legend's "death?  Or Buddy Guy's own death?  Nothing to it, man, read on...

THIS MUCH: 2-10-2007

    Sorry about being so late with the news, but the 5th Element of the Beatles, Sir George Martin, ahs recently said (and this was reinforced by Steve Jobs at MacWorld 07) that after remixing the circus Love album (yuch!), that he would start remastering all the old Beatles catalog for iTunes download!

    We can't wait.


THIS MUCH: 12-8-2006

the latest from the bastardfairies


    Tenacious D Pick Soundtrack Date

Posted by frankmeyer from - Wednesday, September 27, 2006 2:32 PM
The soundtrack to Tenacious D’s movie The Pick of Destiny will be released on November 14, three days before the flick opens.

Dave Grohl played drums on the album, which was produced by The Dust Brothers' John  King. The first single is the title track and the video is already on MTV.

Watch it here. For The Record

    MSN’s Stream Dream

Posted by frankmeyer  from - Wednesday, September 27, 2006 12:03 PM
MSN, Microsoft Corp.'s web portal announced Tuesday that it will start streaming live concerts to its users.

After signing an exclusive global partnership with Control Room (formerly Network Live), the company behind the web broadcast of last year's Live 8 event, MSN will exclusively air 36 different live events. The gigs will be available on MSN's 42 sites around the world, and for on-demand viewing for a limited period afterward. The shows will be free to the viewer and supported by advertising. The streaming concerts will kick off on October 2 with a John Legend gig in London.

--Read More--

    Mondo Bono

Posted by frankmeyer  from - Wednesday, September 27, 2006 11:35 AM
U2’s Bono will be the first guest on Eurythmics guitarist David A. Stewart's upcoming HBO music-themed interview show.

The show features Annie Lennox’s musician/producer sidekick interviewing fellow artists about their craft, and is being produced by Interscope Records head honcho Jimmy Iovine.

"Musicians on musicians," they’re calling it. Sound kinda hot, huh?

--Read More--




          Maynard Ferguson, the Legend, passes...


SuicideGirls News Geek: RIAA Finds a New Way to Alienate its Customers

podsafe music network


Hey!  Are you into Drum Corps?  This just in one of my inboxes:  THE STORY

Lawsuit Claims Apple's Ipod Is Too Loud - from

        As I understand it now, Apple did put in a limiting device which can be hacked (duh).

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    Patton Oswalt SPEW 2006


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